Personal information and terms of service


You can choose whether to provide your personal information. However, our company reserves the rights of suspending the services provided to you if the personal information you provided is reported or found insufficient to confirm the authenticity of your identity or if there is any other matter related to the spoofing or misappropriating personal information or false information. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.


The purpose of our company obtaining your personal information is to provide high-quality services under the regulations of Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant laws. Your personal information is collected, processed, and used within only the necessary scope of business.


You can provide us the following personal information based on your needs, including name, contact method (including but not limited to telephone number, e-mail or resident address) or other information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify your identity.


You agree that our company may use the personal information you provided to confirm your identity, contact you, and provide you the relevant services and information from our company group, affiliates, or working partners, including but not limited to membership verification, data statistics and analysis, advertising and marketing, customer service messages, special activities, new service, and new message notification as well as other usage specified in the privacy protection policy.


Based on Personal Data Protection Act, you are entitled to request our company to (1) make an inquiry of and to review your personal data, (2) produce a copy of your personal data, (3) supplement or correct your personal data, (4) stop collecting, processing, and using your personal data, and (5) erase your personal data.


You acknowledge that the agreement is in compliance with the regulations of Personal Data Protection Act and relevant laws, and it has the effect of agreeing in writing for our company to collect, process, and use your personal information.